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I know a little while ago some of you submitted things that haven't been accepted yet. I'm sorry for having been so busy as not to accept them in time, so since they've expired by now, please re-submit them. I saw a lot of really nice stuff in there!
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All your questions answered here

So I do things a certain way here, and since I'd rather not type all that up in the already existing group info (I prefer that as a summary), I'll put it all down here. Therefore please don't ask me questions anymore unless they're not in here. Warning guys, pretty long.

First of all, when you submit a request for anything to the group, you only need to submit it once. Trust me, I get them despite having constant work and school- it only takes a few minutes the night I get home to sort through stuff, so your submission won't expire before I get there. I only need one message, okay, babes? Also, I really don't need you to fill in the "reason" box. You can if you want, but unless you're a bad person or something, I accept anyone into membership no problem. Unless it's past the expiration date, just be patient.
Secondly, non-members are allowed to submissions, but theirs require two votes instead of one. The co-founder is even more horribly busy than me, so mostly I handle group messages. Therefore, if you want your submission accepted right away (I can barely get the co-founder to help me with two-vote things), try to be a member before you try to submit a deviation.
Third, this doesn't very often happen, but if you edit something you've submitted, please try not to uncheck the "edit is minor" box so much unless it's old and you really really need to resend it. It's annoying to have so many different entries that are really sort of the same in people's feed, especially mine, because I handle submissions.
Also, if you want to suggest a group favorite, that's fine, but I'm the one who ultimately puts them in there, simply because I don't like the favorites to be too crowded, and I like to select the best- it is "favorites", after all.
Another thing, journals are allowed as blog entries once I've accepted them- not as gallery submissions. Sorry guys, but art goes in the art folder, and blogs go in the blog folder. And please don't turn journals into literature. It's not technically art, it's still just your announcements.
Lastly, and I need you guys to understand this from now on (it's okay, I know most of you get it now, just making it totally clear), You can only submit to the "Featured" folder. I sort the submissions into their folders from there. This is because I'm a total Germany when it comes to organization and sometimes people won't know what goes where exactly. So rather than go from folder to folder sorting such mess, I let everything go into one folder and put them where they go afterwards. That's just how I like it, sorry.

Anyone is welcome to be a member (unless I see that you'd be an obvious disruption to the group or violate dA rules or something). However, as I've written once before, I'm really sorry, but I am not now nor am I in the foreseeable future looking for any new admins. There was an accident a little while ago where someone became a co-founder because I was wrecked that night and didn't notice they wanted above membership, and I don't want this to happen again. I see this group as something to run myself with the help of close friends (a fun little project or something- and I can't be happier at how many members we've gained these last near-5 years). The only people I would accept as admins would be close friends I know personally, because we communicate outside this website- the internet- and therefore work well together and understand one another. Once I had a really amazing artist ask to be a co-founder and while I was thrilled they asked at all, I had to turn them down. I'm too busy now to be communicating solely online (it's too slow in comparison with real voices).

The general group's goings about
Because both us admins are now so constantly busy- me with college, work, and volunteering- and the co-founder full time at a huge art university (anyone who's an artist for a living will know how much of your time that eats up), basically this group can't handle anything like contests or trades or whatever. I want to keep the group running, of course (I can at least manage a few minutes of submissions), but I barely come here anymore besides to run the group, so basically you guys submit stuff and if there's anything special (like a dvd extra episode), I'll share it. If you want to submit a blog entry that tell people about a contest outside this group, or whatever you're doing outside this group, great! But I can't handle anything like that in my own group, I'm sorry.
Little things I like to do to make it a little more special, I always keep the four or so submissions I like best in the featured folder so it isn't blank. Then after a while, I put in new ones from new submissions. Sometimes if there's a holiday or something, I'll keep the submissions I like best related to said event.
I just like it when people share and express their love for any one thing, and this group is here for that (I made this group back when people would hate on me for liking Hetalia).
A question I'm sure many of you may sometimes wonder: Why are reader inserts and literature in separate folders? Because people submit so many reader inserts that people who are looking for fics without the reader in them may find it difficult to- well, find them. Plus, anyone looking for specifically a reader insert can find them. On a personal level, I see reader inserts as more of a dating-sim thing than a fanfic. -Ish.

Things that won't be accepted
Rules are rules guys, sorry.
In terms of what kinds of things won't go in the gallery, to name a good few, I won't take (de)motivationals, pictures of catchphrases pasted on things (like if "pasta" is shopped onto a signboard), things that don't directly involve Hetalia (like if it's only a flag by itself or a chick that you didn't mean to be Gilbird), customized cursors or wallpapers if the art isn't yours, edited screencaps, or any of those cleverbot/generators with you being the characters. Rule of thumb; if you didn't make it all yourself and it isn't "art" (literature/photos/drawings/crafting/), sorry, I can't really take it.
Second, I am no longer taking fics with art headers that aren't yours. Know that the more you re-upload a piece of someone else's art without their permission, the more likely they are to get into copyright trouble. This goes for MMDs too. If you're going to use someone's MMD model, see if you have their permission first. Otherwise I can't accept them.
Also, please don't submit anything that tackles big issues/serious current events anymore. Hetalia's just a light-hearted comedy and when you make a cartoon about something that is or was highly controversial and touchy, you're playing with fire, and it's in pretty bad taste. If you want to make that kind of statement, make your own political cartoon with your own characters and don't drag Hetalia- moreover Hidekaz- into this. You shouldn't really use existing characters to go into politics like that. That said, try to keep your (political) opinions away from here as much as possible. I'm all for people expressing their feelings and stuff, but please keep politics away from this group to prevent any shit-stirring. If you think someone could view what you're going to submit as offensive in any way, please think first, and if you really want to show it here, ask me. I don't want to start any debates etc because we should all just get along with one another. There are members here from all sorts of different countries.
And please don't start any "wars" in the comments or wherever. Like what you like, dislike what you dislike. Think twice before you tell someone behind a screen how dumb their views are.

Extra advice
Lotsa y'all may not know where to look for the stuff you submitted. I have a helpful, albeit very long chart of sorts to give you a hand, listing the folders in order and what I put in them:
Axis: Italy, Germany, Japan, Prussia, Romano, and Bulgaria in their Axis uniforms. Yes, I know there are other Axis members, but I pretty much only put the characters who have been shown as an Axis member during the WW bits.
Allies: America, England, France, Russia, China, and Canada wearing their Allied uniforms. Same as I said with the Axis about other Allies.
Asia: Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, Macau, as long as Japan or China isn't wearing their world wars uniform.
Nordics: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark. These characters can be wearing their military uniform and still be in here.
Baltics: Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia. These characters can be wearing their military uniform and still be in here.
West Europe: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, England, France, Spain, Portugal, as long as Germany, England, or France aren't wearing their world wars uniform.
Mediterranean Europe: Italy, Romano, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Monaco, Cyprus Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus,as long as Italy, or Romano aren't wearing their world wars uniform.
Central Europe: Poland, Austria, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany. What it says as long Germany isn't wearing his world wars uniform.
Eastern Europe: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. What it says as long as Russia isn't wearing his world wars uniform.
Oceania- Australia, New Zealand.
Africa- Egypt, Seychelles, Cameroon.
Micronations: Sealand, Wy, Seborga, Kugelmugel, Molossia, Republic of Nikko Nikko, Ladonia, Hutt River.
Other Characters: Ancient Rome, Persia, Holy Roman Empire, Germania, Prussia, Hessan, Historical figures portrayed in Hetalia, or characters who aren't or aren't by technicality nations (like if anyone ever draws Tibet). This goes as long as Prussia isn't wearing his world wars uniform. Holy Rome will usually be in here instead of Chibitalia. Sometimes, someone who doesn't fall into this category, but is next to someone who does in the drawing, it will be here too.
Two People- Just what it says. Two people in one drawing. Yes, a character and their Nyo counterpart counts.
Groups: A drawing with three or more people. OCs can be in there too. Usually if there's just one OC, though. Sometimes, if a group consists of canon characters all from the same area, they will be in that folder instead. Like, if it's the Nordic 5, it could be put in Nordics, but that's not usual.
OCs: Hetalia OCs. Groups of OCs will usually go in here instead of Groups. If there is a canon character in there too, but there are more OCs, it'll still be in here. Sorry guys, Scotland counts as an OC, especially because Hidekaz is going to introduce the whole UK soon enough. Yes, the Ecuador design too, because it isn't confirmed as canon yet. Your own Nyo version (like if a Nyo design doesn't exist for someone) will also go here.
Chibitalia: Pretty much any canon character as a child. Holy Rome counts, even though he doesn't have a determined adult form. Sometimes, two children will be here too, like if it's HRE and Chibitalia or something.
Nekotalia: Any canon character in cat form.
Creatures: Hetalia mochi, magical creatures such as Flying Mint Bunny, animal versions of countries other than cats, and animals owned by characters.
Cosplay: Specifically cosplay photos. These are never put in any other folder.
Literature: Any Hetalia-related fanfiction or poem. Things featuring OCs will be here too. Though, you will find some OC literature in OCs.
Reader Inserts: Literature that features the reader. These will go no where else.
Events: A Hetalia-related deviation either portraying a historical event, or commemorating an event/holiday. Literature relating to such counts, though it is preferred in Literature usually. Events featuring OCs can be put in either "OCs", or this folder also.
Crossovers: Crossing over something non-Hetalia related with Hetalia. Like My Little Pony mixed with Hetalia. Drawings of yourself or someone you know counts too because it isn't Hetalia-related.
Comics: A drawing with panels, or a single-panel drawing that appears to be like a comic of sorts.
Other: Anything that does not fall into any of these categories. For example, Actual people related to Hetalia in some way, animations, crafts, and stamps. Sketch dumps are usually here too. Sometimes, characters made into dog form or something like anthro (though that'd probably be in OCs or Creatures too, since it's your version of a character, but, not always), MMDs, and other things that don't quite fit in certain categories will go here too. If you're not sure where one thing belongs, it could probably be here.
These aren't exactly set in stone, but I hope it helps.

I hope this long-ass "read-me" will also help you guys! I may add some things if I remember, but that's all for now!



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